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Power Accessories for laptops / notebooks

Make & Model Number Description Part # Price
Powercord Powercord with 2 pins connector with a shape as the number 8



Powercord Powercord with 3 pins connector with a shape as the "mickey mouse"  



Socket Multiplier Three 12 volt outlets in car's cigarette lighter. Perfect for powering cell phones and laptops 611346 $18
Ultimate international power and telephone connection pack 33 telephone adapters and 10 power adapters. Works with all external and internal modems 611349 $399
Europe Access Pack 6 grounded power adapters, 20 telephone adapters 611350 $280
Asia Access Pack 5 grounded power adapters, 11 telephone adapters 611351 $146
EMI/RFI protection Protects notebook against power surges. Work with line voltage up to 230V AC 611353 $22
Step-down transformer  Use with devices rated up to 85 watts 611354 $48
Step-down transformer and adapter set Use with devices rated up to 85 watts 611355 $67
Grounded power adapters World power pack (8 plugs and case) 611356 $62
Phone cable RJ11 14 feet of retractable cable 611365 $25
APC SurgeArrest Notebook (PNotePro) provides both AC and telephone line protection, 5 year, $5,000 Equipment Protection Policy, compatible with all two prong-style (C8 connector) AC adapters 611993 $48
APC SurgeArrest Notebook (PNote 3-3 prong) Compatible with 3 prong-style AC adapters 611994 $73

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