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Telex M-30 Desktop Microphone

telex m30 desktop microphone
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  • The Telex Deluxe Monitor Microphone (M-30) is an all-purpose microphone you can mount on your computer monitor. You can even remove the microphone from its base to use close to your mouth. This microphone is ideal for PC voice applications like Internet phone and chat, videoconferencing, and recording.


  • The M-30 features a focused pickup pattern that significantly reduces background noise, improving audio quality for all voice applications. In contrast, ordinary omni directional microphones pickup sounds all around, including unwanted background noise.

  • The M-30 is designed to be mounted conveniently on the side or top of your monitor, saving limited desktop space. It can be positioned to perfectly pick up or record your voice with maximum clarity. The micro-phone can even be removed from the base for applications that require close talking.

  • System Requirements
    • SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
  • Applications
    • Voice command and control
    • Internet phone and chat
    • Video conferencing and speakerphone
    • Voice recording
  • Unidirectional electret microphone
  • Power supplied by PC
  • 7.7 foot chord
  • 3.5mm stereo miniplug
  • 1-year warranty

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