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Telex M-60 Desktop Microphone

telex m60 desktop microphone
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  • The award-winning Telex Super-Directional Desktop Microphone (M-60) is the first desktop microphone to allow speech recognition without a headset


  • Telex has been an audio innovator for more than 60 years. Telex has used its experience to design a unique microphone structure that allows destructive interference to cancel background noise and focus audio
    reception on the user's voice. The M-60 provides speech recognition up to two feet away in most office environments. Effective range is even further for other applications.

  •  The Telex M-60 has been approved by major speech recognition software companies. With this product, you can be assured you are providing your software with the highest quality voice input.

  • System Requirements
    • SoundBlaster-compatible sound card
  • Applications
    • Voice recognition
    • Voice command and control
    • Internet phone and chat
    • Videoconferencing and speakerphone
  • Microphone: electret with directional processing acoustic structure
  • Cord: 6.5 feet (2.54 meters)
  • Warranty: 1 year

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