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IBM G54 15"Monitor (Refurbished)

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  • Anti-Reflective Surface 
  • On-Screen Display
  • Plug and Play 
  • USB upgradable
  • Asset management
  • ISO Compliance 



  • Anti-Reflective Surface - Superior anti-reflective screen treatments on all IBM monitors virtually eliminate annoying glare for the user, without sacrificing brightness or color.
  • Asset management - IBM Monitors' VESA DDC Plug and Play capability enables asset management function when coupled with appropriate software, such as IBM Netfinity Manager.
  • Enhanced User Comfort - IBM keeps users in mind through compliance to comprehensive worldwide standards for front-of-screen ergonomics and low emissions, and by simplifying initial setup and use.
  • Compatibility - IBM monitors allow you to take advantage of virtually every major video standard that your IBM or IBM-compatible system utilizes.
  • Superior images - All of IBM's monitors feature exceptionally bright, clear images.
  • ISO Compliance - All monitors provide ISO 9241 Part 3 compliance, the international standard for monitor front-of-screen ergonomics, so our monitors are exceptionally easy on the eyes. (ISO compliance requires complete ISO-capable platform of system unit)
  • Lockable controls - Prevents unauthorized changing of your preset image controls
  • On-Screen Display - The microprocesor-based On-Screen Display (OSD) combined with the digital controls gives you full control over: picture position, size, shape, and alignment; brightness and contrast; color tint control; tilt; degauss and you see the immediate effect of user control adjustments.
  • Plug and Play - IBM's VESA DDC Plug and Play capability provides automatic display mode optimization when the monitor is attached to a DDC-enabled system.
  • Power Management - Power management feature cuts energy usage, while prolonging the life of the monitor. Meets and exceeds Energy Star requirements and Swedish NUTEK standards.
  • Reliability and Support - IBM backs these monitors with a three-year limited warranty and toll-free technical support.
  • User controls - Intuitive digital controls allow you to configure precise viewing for each user preference.
  • USB upgradable - Offering a fast and easy way of connecting peripherals to your system via your monitor

  • Display case color: Pearl White
  • Tube type FST CRT
  • Nominal Screen size: 15 inches (381mm)
  • Viewable image size: 13.7inches (349mm)
  • Maximum viewable width:  280 mm
  • Maximum viewable height:  210 mm
  • Pixel pitch/type:  0.28mm dot
  • Anti-glare: Yes
  • Anti-static:  Yes
  • Touch screen:  No
  • Tilt/swivel stand:  Yes
  • Screen surface treatment::  Multi-layer film
  • Preset modes:  
    Mode 2 24Hz NI x 80HZ NI/75, 640Hz NI x 480Hz NI/60,75,85, 720Hz NI x 400Hz NI/70,85, 800Hz NI x 600Hz NI/75,85, 1024Hz NI x 768H NI/75,85
  • Microprocessor control:  Yes
  • Power management features:  NUTEK, VESA DPMS compliant, VESA DDC1/DDC2B
  • Weight:  30 lbs
  • Height: 15.7 inches
  • Width: 14.6 inches
  • Depth:  15.6 inches
  • Power consumption:  100 W


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