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Multiple Monitor Support Devices
VGA Multiplier Send your PC's video output to as many as eight monitors. Sharp picture quality. Ideal for presentations to reach a wide audience at a distance of up to 210 feet.


Monitor Switch Box Allows you to connect two PC's to one monitor. Switch between two PCs while the monitor remains the same.


PC to Mac Convert your PC monitor to work with a Mac.  In order to convert correctly, both the video card and monitor must support 680 x 480.


Mac to PC Convert your Mac monitor to work with a PC.  Mac monitor MUST be a multiscan monitor in order for this converter to work.  Resolutions are limited.


Cheese Video Box Takes any video source (video games, camcorders, VCRs, VCDs, DVD players or TV) and lets you see it on your VGA monitor.


Multivideo System Converter Allows you to send computer output to a computer monitor, TV, or VCR.  Two way display TV to PC bi-directionally.  Any world wide video formats: NTSC, PAL, SECAM, VGA (1024X768).


Keytec Magic Touch Touch Screen Add-On Kits
KTMT-1315-ProE 13"-15" For Win9x, 2000, NT 4.0 - Serial interface 437550 $180
KTMT-1315-ProE-L 13"-15" For Linux - Serial interface 437551 $200
KTMT-1315-USB 13"-15" For Win98, ME (Win2000 coming soon) - USB interface 437552 $190
KTMT-1315-USB-M 13"-15" For iMac, G3, G4 437553 $210
KTMT-1700-ProE 17" For Win9x, 2000, NT 4.0 - Serial interface 437554 $240
KTMT-1700-ProE-L 17" For Linux - Serial interface 437555 $260
KTMT-1700-USB 17" For Win98, ME (Win2000 coming soon) - USB interface 437556 $250
KTMT-1700-USB-M 17" For iMac, G3, G4 437557 $270
KTMT-1921-ProE 19"-21" For Win9x, 2000, NT 4.0 - Serial interface 437558 $365
KTMT-1921-ProE-L 19"-21" For Linux - Serial interface 437559 $380
KTMT-1921-USB 19"-21" For Win98, ME (Win2000 coming soon) - USB interface 437560 $375
KTMT-1921-USB-M 19"-21" For iMac, G3, G4 437561 $395

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