Socket 754 and 940 AMD Athlon 64 and 64FX based Motherboards


Socket A AMD Athlon / XP / Duron Based Motherboards


Socket 478 and Socket 423 Biostar Intel Pentium 4 Based Motherboard


Socket 370 Intel Pentium III / II Based Motherboards

Biostar Legacy Motherboards
Intel Pentium, AMD K6 / K6-2 / K6-3, Cyrix MX / MII - Socket 7 Processor Based Motherboards
Intel Pentium II /III / Slot 1 Processor Based Motherboards
AMD Slot A Processor Based Motherboards

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used computer

Compaq Deskpro
PII 333, 64MB, 3GB, CD, FDD

Part# 911409
Price: $166

used laptops, refurbished notebook

Compaq Armada
P 233, 32MB, 4GB, FDD

Part# 911013
Price: $259

asus p2b motherboard- slot 1 motherboard

Asus P2B motherboard Slot 1 motherboard

Part# 540774
Price: $99

barebone computer with duron 750, bare bone pc

Barebone PC. Duron 1.0 GHZ, Tower, MBD,FDD

Part# 321054
Price: $134

digital camera

1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera

Part# 470244
Price: $65

64mb 72 pin edo simms

64MB EDO Memory SIMMs

Part# 510125
Price: $52

56K ISA modem with jumpers

56K ISA modem Jumpered

Part# 710802
Price: $19

10/100 pci network card

Kingston 10/100 PCI Network card

Part# 720901
Price: $10

4u rackmount case with 8 drive bays, 4u rack mount chassis with eight drive bays

4U rackmount chassis with 8 drive bays

Part# 621424
Price: $199

60gb ide hard drive - maxtor hard drive

Maxtor 60GB Ultra ATA133 7200 RPM hard drive

Part# 813502
Price: $88

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