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FIC Socket 370 Motherboards

FIC Socket 370
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FIC Socket 370 Motherboard Models FIC Socket 370 Motherboard Specifications Part # Price US$
FIC FR33E Socket 370 PIII/Celeron motherboard, PIII 450~1000MHz, Celeron 433~1100MHz, Tualatin support, VIA Apollo PLE133/686A chipset, FSB 133/100/66, 2 PC133 SDRAM max 1GB, 2 PCI, 1 ISA, 1 AMR slot. On-board audio and  video. Micro ATX. Refurbished. 30 day warranty. Board only. No manuals, cables or drivers. 542369 $97


Intel Pentium 3, Socket 370, VIA 694T (Tualatin Support) & 686B Chipset, 3 DIMM Up to 1.5GB PC100/133 SDRAM, 1 AGP (4X), 5 PCI, 1 CNR, on board audio, ATX Form Factor 542274


Intel 815e chipset.  Intel Pentium 3.   2 DIMMS.  3 PCI & 1 CNR slot.  Ultra DMA100.  AC '97 sound.   microATX.  542362


Intel 810 Chipset . Intel Celeron™ PPGA 300A-500MHz @ 66MHz FSB.3 PCI, 1 AMR slots. 2 DIMM sockets.   The 1stMainboard CW33 is equipped with quality onboard audio and video capabilities. MicroATX  form factor. 542326 $92
Celeron PPGA  motherboard, based on SIS Eagle (620 + 5595) chipset. Embedded AGP video, Onboard ESS sound chip. UDMA-66 support. Jumperless. MicroATX form factor. 542325
VIA Apollo PLE133 & 686A chipset. Supports Intel Pentium III FC-PGA from 450 ~ 1.0 GHz with 100/133 FSB,  Celeron PPGA / FC-PGA 433 ~ 766 MHz with  a 66 MHz FSB, or Cyrix III 533 ~ 600+ MHz with 66/100/133 FSB. 2 x DIMM sockets supporting to 1.0 GB PC133 SDRAM. 2 x PCI, 1 x ISA, 1 x AMR slots. UDMA/66.  Onboard video, audio. micro ATX form factor 542327

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