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Micro ATX Form Factor Motherboards

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Micro ATX Motherboards

Micro ATX Motherboard Models

Micro ATX Motherboard Specifications

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Socket 370 SiS 630E Chipset. Supports Socket 370 PPGA Celerons (from 300MHz to700MHz) and FCPGA Pentium III CPUs up to 933MHz. Supports 66MHz, 100MHz, 133MHz FSB. Two DIMM slots for 168-pin SDRAM memory modules up to 1GB of installed memory (2 x 512MB = 1GB). Three 32-bit PCI slots. Onboard 2D/3D AGP Graphics Accelerator, Sound, Fax/Modem, and LAN. Bundled Software: PC-Cillin2000, SuperVoice, Gamut2000, MediaRing Talk, 3Deep, Corel WordPerfect Suite 8, WinDVD2000. Micro ATX form factor
AOpen MX3WE2
Socket 370 motherboard. Supports Pentium III processors up to 1.0 GHz, Intel 810E2 chipset, Three (3) PCI slots, 2 PC-133 SDRAM DIMM sockets.   Integrated audio, video and LAN. Micro ATX Form Factor 
Asus K7V-RM (without audio)
VIA KX133 chipset .  Supports AMD AthlonTM 550MHz ~ 1GHz CPU.  New AMR Slot for Audio/Modem Adapter.   200MHz Front Side Bus.  DIMM support 3.3V PC133/PC100/VCM133 SDRAM.   Support 3x DIMM with 1.5GB SDRAM max.  JumperFree.  AGP Pro 4X (64MB AGP-V6600 Pro enabled).  Ultra DMA/66.  3 x PCI slots.  microATX form factor.
Asus P4S533-VM
Socket 478 for FC-PGA2 Pentium 4 (Willamette/Northwood) 1.4GHz to 2.53+, SiS 651Chipset, 533/400 MHz FSB, 2 x DDR DIMM Sockets, 1 x AGP 4X, 3 x PCI, on board IDE, LAN, audio and Video. Micro ATX Form Factor.
Asus P4B-LX Intel 82845GE chipset based Intel Socket 478 FC-PGA2 Pentium 4 to 2GHz+. 400 MHz FSB,  2 x 168-pin DIMM sockets up to 2GB PC133/PC100 SDRAM DIMMS, 1 AGP 4X and 3 x PCI slots. On-board audio and LAN. Micro ATX form factor.
Asus SPAX-M Socket 7 micro ATX motherboard. SIS 5598 chipset. Supports up to AMD K6 366 MHz CPU. 2PCI, 2ISA (1 shared) slots, 2 DIMM sockets. On-Board video. Refurbished. No cables, no manual. 30 day warranty.
Asus CUSL2-M Intel® 82815 chipset. Supports  Pentium III up to 1.0GHz and Celeron up to 1.1 GHz. 66/100/133 MHz FSB. 3 x DIMM sockets Maximum 512MB each of PC133/PC100 non-ECC SDRAM. 3 x PCI, 1 x   AGP Pro/4x, 1 x CNR  slot. On-Board audio and video. Micro ATX form factor. Refurbished. 90 day warranty. Motherboard only. No manual. No cables. You can buy a cable set for $10 if you need one. 
Socket A AMD Althon, Duron, XP Processor.  SiS 740/962L chipset.  266MHz FSB.   2 DDR2663 x PCI, 1 x AMR. Onboard Audio, Video & LAN.   Micro ATX form factor.   
DFI CM33-TL Socket 370  for Intel Pentium 3/Celeron processors. VIA 8601T/686B chipset. 2 x DIMM sockets support up to 1 GB of memory. 3  PCI, 1 CNR slot. On-Board audio, video and LAN. MicroATX Form Factor
ECS P6EX-ME Intel 440EX chipset supports Celeron, Pentium II / III up to 533MHz. On-Board audio. 2ISA, 2PCI and 1AGP slot. 2DIMM sockets. Micro-ATX form factor. Refurbished. 30 day warranty. Motherboard only. No manual, no cables.
EPox EP-MVP4M/J VIA Apollo MVP4 Chipset + VIA VT82C686B. Intel Pentium up to 233 MMX and AMD K6-2 up to 550 Mhz. 2 x DIMM sockets supports up to 512MB of PC-100 SDRAM. 3 x PCI, 1 x ISA, 1 x AMR slot. UDMA66. On-Board USB ports. One year warranty. Micro ATX form factor.

Gigabyte GA-7VMM

Socket A Via KLE133 chipset supports Socket A AMD Athlon/Duron up to 1.2GHz.  200/266MHz FSB.  2 DIMMs support up to 1GB.  1 AMR, 1 ISA, & 5 PCI slots.  UDMA ATA 100/66.   MicroATX.

Intel D815EFV

Socket 370 Intel® 815E chipset. Supports FC-PGA   processors with Intel Pentium III @ /100133 MHz, or Intel Celeron @ 100 MHz/66 MHz. 3 x DIMM sockets support upto 512MB of PC133 SDRAM. 3 x PCI, 1 x CNR, and 1x AGP slots, 4 x USB Ports  Digital Video Out header, Ultra ATA/100, Onboard AD1885 Audio, LAN, integrated video, Micro ATX Form Factor
Microstar MS6340 Socket A VIA(R) KT133 chipset (552 BGA). FSB @ 200MHz. AGP 4x, Support PC 100/133 SDRAM, & VCM technology. VIA(R) VT686 chipset (352 BGA). Socket A for AMD(R) Duron / Athlon Processor. Support 600MHz, 650MHz, 700MHz.    two 168-pin unbuffered DIMM.  maximum memory size of 1 GB. Support 3.3 v SDRAM DIMM.  One AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) slot. 1 CNR  slot. 3 PCI Bus slots   Micro ATX Form Factor.
Microstar MS5185 ALI M1541 chipset. Supports Pentium 75 ~233, AMD K6-2, K6-III & Cyrix MII. 1MB cache. 2DIMM sockets. 3PCI slots. On-Board audio and video. Micro ATX form factor. Refurbished. 30 day warranty. Motherboard only. No manual, no cables.


PC Chips M810DLU Ver. 7.5 AMD Athlon XP /Athlon processor at 266MHz FSB or AMD Duron processor at 200MHz FSB, SiS740 / SiS962L chipset, 2 DDR DIMM Sockets, 2 PCI slots, 1 CNR slot, Ultra DMA 66/100, LAN, Onboard Audio, Onboard Video, MicroATX (244mm*190mm), 4 Layers
Super P6SBM Slot 1 motherboard. Supports Pentium II / III 233 to 700 MHz. Intel 440BX chipset. FSB 66/ 100 MHz, 3 168 pin DIMM sockets up to768MB EDO RAM. 3 PCI slots, 1 ISA slots, 1 AGP slot. UDMA/33. On-Board audio. Micro ATX form factor. Refurbished. 30 day warranty. No manual, no cables.

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