cpu motherboard combo upgrade kit

Duron 1 GHz+Motherboard combo upgrade kit

Part# 330565
Price: $99

used laptops, refurbished notebook

Compaq Armada
P 233, 32MB, 4GB, FDD

Part# 911013
Price: $259

asus p2b motherboard- slot 1 motherboard

Asus P2B slot 1 motherboard  with 3 ISA slots

Part# 540774
Price: $125

barebone computer with duron 750, bare bone pc

Barebone PC. Celeron 1 GHz, MBD,audio,Video

Part# 321043
Price: $175

sipix snap digital camera for beginners

SiPix Snap Digital Camera for beginners

Part# 470246
Price: $36

digital camera

1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera

Part# 470244
Price: $65

56K ISA modem with jumpers

56K ISA modem Jumpered

Part# 710802
Price: $19

10/100 pci network card

Basic 10/100 Network card for Win 98/NT/2000/XP

Part# 720902
Price: $10

black tower case with side window and case lights

MPE MD58 Black Tower case with 400 Watt P.S.

Part# 620322
Our Price: $122

60gb ide hard drive - maxtor hard drive

Maxtor 60GB Ultra ATA133 7200 RPM hard drive

Part# 813502
Price: $89

pc to receiver connectivity, wireless connection between receiver and pc

PC to receiver / TV connectivity

Part# 632301
Price: $199

PCI TV Tuner, internal tv tuner and fm radio

PCI TV Tuner & FM radio

Part# 530593
Price: $52

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