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QDI Motherboards

Legacy Motherboards

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Intel Pentium - Socket 7 Motherboards

QDI Socket 7 Motherboard Models

QDI Socket 7 Motherboard Description

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QDI-P5I430TX  Titanium IB+ Jumperless Motherboard. Intel Triton TX chipset, Award BIOS, 512k cache, 4SIMM, 2DIMM, 4PCI, 3ISA.



Pentium III / II / Slot 1 Motherboards

QDI  Slot 1 Motherboard Models 

QDI Slot 1 Motherboard Descriptions

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QDI-P6I440LX Legend V Intel 440LX chipset, 4PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 3DIMM sockets. 543501 EMail
QDI-P6I440LX/DP Legend IV Intel 440LX chipset. Dual Pentium II. 3PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 1 RAID, 4DIMM sockets. On-board Adaptec AIC-7880 SCSI controller. On-Board LAN controller. 543502 EMail
QDI-P6I440LX/AG Legend III Intel 440LX chipset, 4PCI, 2ISA. 4DIMM sockets. On-Board Integrated 3D, 2D AGP Video accelerator. On-Board Crystal 4237B integrated 3D Sound Controller. 543503 EMail
QDI P6I440BX Brilliant I Motherboard Intel 82443BX AGP set, 4PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 3DIMM sockets. Jumperless. ATX form factor. 543504 EMail
QDI Brilliant IV Motherboard Dual Intel 82443BX AGP set, 4PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 1RAIDPort, 4DIMM sockets. On-board SCSI and LAN controller. Jumperless. ATX form factor. 543505 EMail
QDI-P6I440LX/ATX Legend I Intel 440LX chipset, 4PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP, 4DIMM sockets. Jumperless. Award BIOS. ATX form factor. 543506 EMail

Slot A Motherboards

QDI Slot A Motherboard Models

QDI Slot A Motherboard Descriptions

Part #

Price US$

QDI KinetiZ 7 AMD Chipset. Supports AMD K7 Athlon Slot A processor. 4PCI, 3ISA, 1AGP. 3DIMM sockets. ATX form factor. 543500


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QDI makes good motherboards for the Intel Pentium and the Intel Pentium II CPU's. QDI makes motherboards better known for their ease of installation. Their Jumperless motherboards like the QDI P6I440LX Legend V saves you the hassle of setting hard to see jumpers. Install the CPU on the motherboard and the BIOS will detect it for you making life a little bit easier. QDI motherboards are moderately priced. If you are looking for a cheap motherboard or the lowest priced motherboard then QDI is not for you. However; QDI is not the most expensive motherboard either. QDI motherboards are good value.

If we don't have what you need, e-mail us and we will try to get it for you. Talk to us. The more you tell us, the better we can serve you. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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