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Slot A Motherboards

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Slot A
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Slot A Processor Based Motherboard Descriptions

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AMD Jabil (Kadoka) AMD 751 Irongate North Bridge and AMD 756 Viper South Bridge chipset.  Slot A with 200MHz FSB, 3 DIMM slots for up to 768MB of PC100 SDRAM. 1 AGP 2x/1x, 5 PCI, 512KB L2 cache.  1 PS/2 mouse port and 1 PS/2 keyboard port, 3 USB ports, 2 serial, 1 parallel.  ATX Form Factor. Refurbished. Motherboard only. No manual, no cables. 30 day warranty. These boards were made for Gateway (Part # 4000646) but they can be used in any standard ATX case.


Asus K7V-RM (without audio)
VIA KX133 chipset .  Supports AMD AthlonTM 550MHz ~ 1GHz CPU.  New AMR Slot for Audio/Modem Adapter.   200MHz Front Side Bus.  DIMM support 3.3V PC133/PC100/VCM133 SDRAM.   Support 3x DIMM with 1.5GB SDRAM max.  JumperFree.  AGP Pro 4X (64MB AGP-V6600 Pro enabled).  Ultra DMA/66.  3 x PCI slots.  microATX form factor.

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