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Socket 8 Pentium Pro Motherboards

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Pentium Pro
Motherboard Model

Socket 8 Pentium Pro Processor Based Motherboard Descriptions

Part #

Price US$

Pentium Pro motherboard
Intel 440FX Pentium Pro chipset. Supports Pentium Pro 150 - 200 MHz. 6 x  SIMM sockets supports to 384 MB max memory. 5 x PCI, 3 x ISA slots Award BIOS. Baby AT form factor 541590


EFA P6NFX-ATX Pentium Pro motherboard Intel 440FX chipset. 3PCI, 4ISA (1 shared), 4 SIMM and 2DIMM sockets. Supports Pentium Pro 150 to 200. Award BIOS. 90 day warranty. Single layer ATX form factor. 541585

IBM Part # 93H7569 / 12J5109

Dual Pentium Pro motherboard. 6589 IBM PC365 system board. Supports Dual Pentium Pro. Intel 440FX chipset. 4DIMM sockets. Supports Pentium Pro 150 to 200 MHz. Motherboard only. If you need the riser card with 5 ISA and 3PCI slots, that is available separately for $25. Refurbished. 30 day warranty. Single layer ATX form factor. 541591
Intel PR440FX
Pentium Pro motherboard
Dual Intel Pentium Pro motherboard.  Two 387-pin, socket 8 type processor sockets.  Intel 82440FX PCIset.  4 x DIMM sockets for up to 512MB of max memory. 3 x PCI, 1 x ISA,. Onboard   LAN, SCSI, audio Custom ATX form factor.  Refurbished. 90 days warranty. Board only. No manuals, cables or drivers. 542785
Supermicro Super P6DNF
Pentium Pro motherboard
Dual Pentium Pro motherboard. Intel 440 FX chipset. Supports Dual Pentium Pro 150 - 200 MHz processors. 8 x SIMM sockets supports FPM or EDO up to 1 GB of RAM.  5 x 32 bit PCI, 4 x 16 bit ISA slots. Full AT form factor. Refurbished 90 day warranty 544288

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