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Tyan Thunder GC-HE S4520UGNM Socket 603 Motherboard
Part # 545604

Tyan Thunder GC-HE S4520UGNM motherboard, Tyan Socket 603 motherboards, motherboards based on ServerWorks Grand Champion HE chipset
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  • BIOS:
    • Phoenix™ BIOS on 4Mbit Flash ROM
    • Supports APM v1.2 and ACPI v1.0
    • User settings for hardware monitoring
    • Auto-configuration of IDE hard drive types
    • Multiple boot options
    • DMI 2.0 compliant, console redirection
  • Hardware Monitoring:
    • Winbond W83782D hardware monitoring ASIC
    • Temperature, voltage, and fan monitoring
    • 2-pin chassis intrusion header

  • Server Management: (daughtercard opt)
    • Tyan Server Management Connector, 50-pin Q-Logic Zircon Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
    • Supports the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
    • One SMB, one IPMB serial interface (2 isolated 5v connectors)
    • Two I2C private busses, EMP, and fault resilient booting

  • Miscellaneous:
    • FCC Class B (Declaration of Conformity)
    • European Community CE

Motherboard Specifications

  • Model:
    • Tyan Thunder GC-HE S4520UGNM
  • Processor:
    • Quad PGA603 ZIF sockets
    • Supports up to four Intel® Xeon™ processors MP
    • Four VRM 9.1 current share sockets
    • Source synchronous bus of 200MHz
  • FSB (Front Side Bus):
    • Front-Side Bus support for 400MHz

  • Chipset:
    • ServerWorks Grand Champion HE chipset
    • ServerWorks CMIC host bridge
    • ServerWorks CIOB-X 3.0 I/O bridges (two)
    • ServerWorks CSB5 south bridge
    • National NS87417 Super I/O ASIC

  • Memory:
    • Twelve 184-pin 2.5V DDR DIMM sockets
    • Supports up to 24GB of Registered DDR RAM
    • Memory Expansion Card (MEC) design
    • Multi-bit memory ECC, memory scrubbing
  • Expansion Slots:
    • Six 64-bit 100MHz (3.3V) PCI-X Hot Plug slots
    • Each CIOB-X supports two PCI-X buses with two PCI-X slots on each bus
    • One 64-bit 66/33Mhz and one 32-bit 33MHz (5-volt) PCI slot
    • Total of eight usable slots
  • IDE Controllers:
    • Dual-channel master mode
    • Up to four Enhanced IDE devices
    • Support for ATA-100/66/33 IDE and ATAPI- compliant device
  • SCSI:
    • Adaptec AIC-7899W controller
    • Dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI support
    • 160MB/sec per channel; 15 LVD devices per channel
    • Channel A and Channel B - 68-pin connectors

  • Video:
    • ATI Rage™ XL graphics controller
    • 4MB frame buffer
    • Standard 15-pin analog VGA port
  • LAN:
    • Dual LAN controllers - Two Intel 82550 controllers (with TCO)
    • 10/100Mbps data transfer rate per controller
    • 3-pin Wake-on-LAN (WoL) header (two)
  • Rear Panel I/O Ports:
    • Compatible with 4U rackmount height restriction
    • Application-specific power connector suite; adapter included for compatibility with EPS12V power supply
    • Stacked parallel (one), serial (two) and VGA (one) ports
    • Stacked USB (twp) ports
    • Side-by-side LAN (two) ports
    • Stacked keyboard and mouse ports
  • Internal I/O Interface:
    • One floppy connector supports up to two drives
    • Two 9-pin 16550-based serial ports
    • One 25-pin ECP/EPP/SPP parallel header
    • PS/2 keyboard and mouse portst; two USB ports
  • Form Factor:
    • ATX
    • SSI MEB footprint (16"x13", 406.4x330.2mm)

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Tyan Thunder GC-HE S4520UGNM motherboard, Tyan Socket 603 motherboards, motherboards based on ServerWorks Grand Champion HE chipset