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Genica Tavarua MP3/CD Player

 Part # 450600

Going on a road trip? Tired of changing CDs after a dozen songs or so? Convert your CD audio files to the awesome MP3 format and store over 170 MP3 songs* on a single CD... never change discs again! Even those cool flash-memory MP3 players hold fewer than 20 songs**... why limit yourself?!


  • Plays MP3 Files from CD, CD-R Media
  • Plays CD Audio Files from CD, CD-R.
  • 50 Second Anti-Shock Protection for MP3 Playback.
  • DBBS Dynamic Bass Boost System. Stereo Headset and Line-Out Jacks, Earphones Included.
  • LCD Function Display.
  • Uses (2) Standard AA Batteries or Rechargeable NiCad Batteries (Not Included).
  • AC Adapter Included. Familiar CD Player User Interface
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Q. Do I need to transfer my .MP3 files to CD to use the Genica player?
    A. Yes. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player does not have built-in flash memory.
  • Q. Will the Genica player read CD-RW discs?
    A. No the unit will not read CD-RW.
  • Q. What bit-rates does the Genica player support?
    A. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player supports bit-rates between 32Kbps and 196Kbps. Songs must be sampled at 44.1KHz.
  • Q. Does the Genica player support Variable Bit Rate (VBR) ?
    A. No.
  • Q. Does the Genica player support Directories or Long File Names?
    A. Yes. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player supports Directories according to the ISO 9660 File Format, and will play songs with long file names.
  • Q. Does the Genica player display artist name or track title information?
    A. No. This first-generation unit displays track number and elapsed-time in a numeric format only. We expect second-generation players to support the alpha-display of artist/title information.
  • Q. I have 150 .MP3 songs in a directory, and I want to hear song number 140. Do I have to press "NEXT" 140 times?
    A. No. The Genica Portable MP3/CD Player has a rapid track-advance feature.
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