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iRIVER  iMP- 150 Chrome X
Part # 450605

  • Chrome-X also supports Multi-standards of Digital Audio Format, Music CD, home-made CDR/RW with MP3, WMA and even ASF format. iMP Series are the most affordable CD Players in the world.
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iriver imp-350 mp3 player

iriver imp-350 mp3 player

iriver imp-350 mp3 player
  • Multi-Codec CD Player
    Supporting MP3, WMA, and ASF format as well as conventional Audio CD.
  • Firmware Upgrade
    Provides the latest updated features via firmware upgrade.
    New formats such as AAC, MP3 Pro and so on can be supported in the future with a simple upgrade method.
    Player features such as add on, modification, and contiuous improvement of disc recognition are always provided.
  • Recognize Discs in Packet Write Format
    Provides convenient and efficient usage of CD-RW disc(like a hard disc drive).
  • Graphic LCD supporting Multiple Languages
    iMP-150 comes with graphic LCD which can support multiple languages, including : English, French, Spanish,
    German, Italian, other alphabet-oriented fonts, Korean, Japanese(Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji) and others.
    A total of 35 languages are supported.
  • Strong Anti-Shock protection
    40 Sec for conventional Audio CD/120Sec for MP3 (44.1KHz, 128Kbps standard)/240 Sec for WMA(44.1KHz, 64kbps)
  • Enhanced Anti-shock mode
    By applying iRiver's own special algorithm, the iMP-150 provides better performance against shock.
    At the same time, iRiver maximized the anti-shock function at the beginning of songs by adopting pre-buffering.
  • Longer playing hours
    With MP3(128kbps) files, the iMP-150 can play for 16 hours.
  • WinAmp Playlist playback support
    iMP-150 can support Winamp Playlist as long as it has the filename extension *.m3u(maximum 20 lists)



No of channels STEREO(L+R)
Frequency /  Range 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Headphone Out 7mW (L)+ 7mW (R) : (16 Max. Volume)
Line Out Level 0.57V rms :(47k ohms) Max. Volume
S/N Ratio 90dB (CD-DA), 90dB (MP3 CD);
Frequency 2dB (Line Out)
CD Support
CD Type CD-DA, CD-Text (8cm/12cm)
CD-ROM Mode 1, Mode 2 Form 1
Enhanced CD, CD-Plus
CD-R/RW Readability Packet-Write, ISO9660, Joliet, Romeo,
File Support
File Type MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA, ASF
Bit Rate Support 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps
Sample Rate 8KHz~44.1KHz
Tag ID3 V1, ID3 V2 2.0, ID3 V2 3.0
Power Supply
AC Adapter DC 4.5V , 300mA
Battery Two 1.5V AA Battery 2EA
Dimension Approx. 136(W) X 146(L) X 30.5(H)mm
Weight Approx. 235g ( Excluding Batteries)
Operational  Temperature 0 ~ 40 Celsius
Playing Hour
MP3/WMA 16 Hrs
Audio CD 7 Hrs

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