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Dell Latitude CP - M233ST

Part # 911297

  • Processor: Intel Mobile Pentium 233MHz MMX
  • 64MB of Memory Included. Supports up to 128MB
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB
  • CD-ROM: Removable (included)
  • Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44MB. Removable (Not included)
  • At a time, you can use either the CD-ROM drive or the floppy. They swap in the same slot.
  • Screen size 12.1" active matrix (TFT)
  • I/O Ports:
    - Serial: (one) 9-pin connector; 16550-compatible
    - Parallel: (one) 25-pin connector (unidirectional, bi-directional, or ECP)
    - Video: (one) 15-pin connector
    - PS/2: (one) port for mouse or keyboard - mouse and keyboard not included
    - Audio: MIC jack, Line-In/Audio-In jack, Headphone/Speaker jack
    - USB: (one) Port
    - Two PCMCIA ports
    - Docking: 200-pin connector for the Latitude C/Port-II, Advanced Port Replicator or C/Dock-II Expansion station
  • Audio and Video:
    - 16-bit (analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion)
    - SoundBlaster Pro 2.0 Compatible
    - ATI Mobility M1 64-bit, hardware accelerated 2X AGP 32-bit
    - Display size 12.1" active matrix (TFT)
    - 800 x 600 pixels,
  • Bus Speed: 66MHz
  • AC Adapter:
  • Battery:
    NOTE: Battery is not covered under warranty. It may or may not hold charge. Even if the battery does not hold charge, you can use the laptop with the AC adapter. Simply plug the adapter in your wall outlet and you are in business.
  • Modem. 28.8 Kbps
  • Operating System: Windows 95
  • Condition: Refurbished.
  • Warranty: 90 days

Used Laptops

Used Laptops

Why buy from us:

  1. We are a ten  year old company dealing in computers and consumer electronics.
  2. We test our laptops to ensure they work. On top of that we give you a 90 day warranty in case something happens. Extended warranty available.
  3. We install a licensed copy of Windows 95 (a $65 value). This ensures you have a legitimate operating system and are not in violation of any copyright laws.
  4. This laptop is internet ready. It comes with a 28.8 Kbps modem. Plug it in, dial up your ISP and start browsing the web, exchanging e-mails etc.


Add on items / upgrades
Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 Suite: Includes WordPerfect 9 for wordprocessing, Quattro Pro 9 spreadsheet, Corel Presentations 9, CorelCentral 9, Trellix 2, Microsoft Visual Basic for Application development and Adobe Acrobat Reader.
A $200 value for just $75.
Upgrade to 56Kbps Modem $45
Additional Memory: 64MB $60
New Dell Latitude CPm-233ST Li-Ion Battery Part #: 610911 $199
Black canvas computer Case: $19
Suggested Retail Price: When new in 1998, this laptop retailed for $4,000.

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