IBM ThinkPad 770Z - PII 366, 128MB RAM, 14 GB HD, 
DVD Drive, 56K modem, USB port and 14.1" TFT Display
  • Pentium II 366 MHz CPU
  • Hard disk size: 14 GB
  • Memory (RAM) 128MB, maximum 320MB
  • Screen max resolution: 1024x768
  • Screen type description: TFT
  • Viewable image size (diagonal): 14.1 inches
  • 56.6 Kbps modem
  • Plug and play support: Yes (PCMCIA)
  • Parallel ports (type): (EPP/ECP)
  • Serial ports (type): (9-pin 16550)
  • Expansion ports:
  • AC adapter jack
  • External VGA Display port
  • Expansion bus:
  • Infrared
  • USB port
  • PS/2 port for external Keyboard/mouse/numpad
  • Line in (stereo)
  • Line out (stereo)
  • Speakers (stereo) / headphone jack, Volume control (dial)
  • Pointing device type: TrackPoint
  • No Floppy Drive: 3.5-inch, 1.44MB
  • Internal DVD-ROM drive
  • Keyboard type standard: Full size 85 key (palm rest space)
  • Numeric keypad: Integrated
  • Windows 98
  • AC Adapter
  • Battery
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • NOTE: Battery is NOT covered under the warranty, it may or may not work. Even if the battery is dead, you can still use it with the AC Adapter by plugging it to your regular household power outlet.

IBM Thinkpad 770z

BABER Part # 911357

IBM Thinkpad 770ed

This laptop is internet ready. Dial up your ISP and start browsing the web, exchanging e-mail etc.
It also has a DVD drive - watch movies, play games, listen to music - enjoy yourself

Add on items / upgrades
Windows XP upgrade $99
Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 Suite: Includes WordPerfect 9 word processing software, Quattro Pro 9 spreadsheet, Corel Presentations 9, CorelCentral 9, Trellix 2, Microsoft Visual Basic for Application and Adobe Acrobat Reader. A $200 value for just $75. $75
New Battery: Lithium Ion $219
External Floppy Drive: $89
Black Leather Case: $39
Suggested Retail Price: This laptop is currently retailing around $800 to $900. When new, it sold for $4,700.

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