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black desktop case, orange color desktop case

MPE DK21 home theater desktop cases

Part# 620029/620030

black desktop case - gray desktop case - desktop or tower

MPE DK17 home theater desktop case

Part# 620011

black desktop case for home theatre systems home theater chassis

MPE DK18 home theater desktop case

Part# 620023

black desktop case with blue trim

MPE DK11 black desktop case

Part# 620019

desktop case / mini tower computer case

MPE DK31 desktop case


silver color mid tower case with side window see through transparent window

MPE MD14 Mid Tower case

Part# 620265

black mid tower computer case with front usb and side wiindow

MPE MD58 Mid Tower


penguin mid tower case

Penguin Mid Tower case

Part# 620200

Mid Tower Case blue and gray color case

MPE MD40 Mid Tower case


Black full tower case

MPE FT13 Full Tower Case

Part# 620300

4u rackmount case with 10 drive bays 5.25 inch drive bays

RM-407 4U rackmount case with 10 drive bays


Hot Swappable Rack Mount

Part# 621222

black hard drive rack frame and carrier for ide hard drives

Rack frame and carrier for IDE hard drives


ide and scsi backplanes

Backplanes for IDE and SCSI drives - squeeze more in less space


4 bay scsi drive enclosure - external case for hard drives

4 Bay enclosure for SCSI drives


external enclosure for 2.5" laptop hard drives pcmcia case external

External hard drive enclosures


hard drive conversion kits - laptop cdrom to desktop conversion kit

Drive conversion kits


cables, converters, adapters, keyboards, mice, usb, scsi, ide, firewire

Cables & connectors


turbine fan - exhaust fan - slot fan

Turbine fan for cases

Part# 650546

high end cooling fan for pentium 4 cpu

P4 CPU Cooling Fan

Part# 650002

at power supply atx power supply 400 watt p4 power supply

400 Watt P4 Power Supply

Part# 631004

surge arrestor - surge protector - Net8T - 8 Outlet network surge arrestor

8 Outlet network surge arrestor

Part# 632009

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