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IBM PC 300PL. Part # 911411. $199.

ibm pc 300pl refurbished desktop computer

Desktop Case
Intel PIII 600 MHz
Floppy drive
CD-ROM Drive
10GB hard drive
64MB Memory
Audio and Video
Refurbished. 90 day warranty.

Upgrade kit: Part # 330005. $115

Includes motherboard, 800 MHz CPU, CPU cooling fan and 128MB Memory.

computer upgrade kit - motherboard, cpu and memory





Asus P55T2P4 motherboard baby AT motherboard super socket 7 motherboard Baby AT super socket 7 motherboard Asus P55T2P4

Part# 540802
Price: $99

super socket 7 motherboard, baby at form factor EFA Viking Baby AT super socket 7 motherboard

Part# 540024
Price: $99

Supermicro P6SBA slot 1 Motherboard with 3 isa slots Slot 1 with 3 ISA motherboard SuperMicro P6SBA

Part# 544260
Price: $175

asus p2b slot 1 motherboard with 3 isa slots Asus P2B slot 1 motherboard with 3 ISA slots

Part# 540774
Price: $125

socket 370 motherboard with horizontal audio connectors ECS P6VEM socket 370 motherboard with audio and video

Part# 541521
Price: $96

socket 370 motherboard with horizontal audio, video and lan biostar m6vlr Biostar M6VLR socket 370 with audio,video,LAN

Part# 540419
Price: $97

tyan s5101annrf socket 478 p4 motherboard Tyan S5101ANNRF P4 motherboard RAID, LAN...

Part# 545552
Price: $224

p4 motherboard with SDRAM support asus p4s533-mx motherboard asus pentium 4 motherboard micro atx P4 motherboard with SDRAM support Asus P4S533-MX

Part# 540647
Price: $80

soyo pentium 4 motherboard with 3 isa slots, Soyo SY-P4I 845PE ISA Motherboard Soyo P4 motherboard with 3 ISA

Part# 544040
Price: $225
pentium 4 motherboard with 3 isa slots and on-board video and lan Supermicro P4SCA P4 board with 3ISA, LAN & Video

Part# 544309
Price: $273

biostar m7mia-r socket a motherboard with raid Biostar M7MIA-R socket A motherboard with RAID 

Part# 540060
Price: $85

chaintech 7kjd socket 462 socket a motherboard Chaintech 7KJD socket A motherboard

Part# 540098
Price: $55

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